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Solar Yachting and RV Systems

Solar Yachting and RV Systems


1. Flexible solar modules, small in size, light in weight, and easy to install.

2. Special components and batteries for RVs, shock-resistant, safe and reliable.

3. High temperature, low temperature, short circuit, drop, impact and overcharge tests are twice the life of conventional batteries.

4. The inverter has multiple protection, overcurrent, leakage, low voltage, overload, overtemperature, power failure, and other protection functions, and is compatible with a variety of batteries, gel, lead-acid, lithium batteries, etc.

Product Details

This system includes power generation - transmission - charging - storage - inverter - distribution - electricity consumption and other links.

The main equipment of the system: flexible solar modules, batteries, inverters, controllers.

System Configuration

Component type100W semi-flexible solar panel
Number of components2461224
Controller type12V/20A12V/40A12V/60A24V/60A48V/60A
Inverter type220V/1000W220V/2000W220V/3000W220V/4000W220V/5000W
Battery capacity(Lead-acid batteries/Lithium battery)12V/84Ah
Cable SpecificationsPV1-F 2.5mm2PV1-F 2.5mm2PV1-F 4mm2PV1-F 4mm2PV1-F 4mm2
Bracket(RV yacht stand)2set4set6set12set24set

System parameter

Rated power200W400W600W1200W2400W
System voltage12V12V12V24V48V

Power generation parameters

Annual average peak sunshine duration4h4h4h4h4h
Annual average daily power generation0.8KWh1.6KWh2.4KWh4.8KWh9.6KWh