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Mini portable solar panel(Laminate)

Mini portable solar panel(Laminate)

One-piece 10-21w monocrystalline folding bag

The front is the ETFE side imported from Japan

Strong corrosion resistance

Strong light transmittance 98%-99%

Overall waterproof

Conversion efficiency 20%

sun sensor indicator

Dual USB voltage regulator box (5V charging mobile phone camera tablet)

11.6×6×0.8inches(when folded)

19×11.6×0.1inches(when expanded)

3 folds


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Product Details

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The Main Parameters

10-watt solar panel15-watt solar panel
Rated Peak Power(Pmax|W)10W15W
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc|V)6.6V6.6V
Short Circuit Current(Isc|A)1.9A2.9A
Maximum Power Voltage(Vmp|V)5.5V5.5V
Maximum Power Current(Imp|A)1.8A2.8A
Solar Cell TypeMonocrystallineMonocrystalline
Dimensions(L×W×D)-unfolded15.5×8.8×0.1 in23.5×8.8×0.1 in
Dimensions(L×W×D)-folded7.6×8.8×0.7 in7.8×8.8×0.7 in
Net Weight10.6 ounces(300g)15.9 ounces(450g)
Charge Controller
Output ports
USB 2.0USB 2.0
Foldable & waterproof

Different specifications and different power-folding bags can be customized according to requirements, and the optional range(10W-400W)

More details

◆Module Efficiency(%)   24%

◆Backsheet Color    Black

◆Controller Box  IP67 rated in accordance with UL. Output port: USB 2.0 5V/2A Max

◆Charging Time   USB 2.0 port:1.5-2.3hrs(charge iPhone 12 pro);2.1-3.2hrs(charge Galaxy S21)

◆Temperature Coefficient(Pmax)   -0.45%/K

◆Temperature Coefficient(Isc)    +0.02%/K

◆Temperature Coefficient(Voc)    -0.32%/K

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PORTABLE & FOLDABLE】With a small size of 11.6 x  x  0.8  (when folded) and a lightweight design of 0.56kg that can be easily squeezed into your backpack, offering portability and simplicity, the hiking buckle makes it ideal for attaching to your backpack while hiking or walking around town. Eco-friendly and self-cleaning material E film provides lasting durability to protect against unpredictable weather conditions, and can easily withstand high temperatures.

STABLE SOLAR CHARGING】 Automatically resumes charging if the solar panel moves from a shaded area to a sunlit area for a smoother charging experience. 

SMART CHARGING TECHNOLOGY】Built with voltage stabilization and an innovative chip that detects the best or maximum charging requirement of your device so your devices can be charged safely and fast.

HIGH SOLAR CONVERSION & IP67 WATERPROOF】 Highly efficient solar panel convert up to 24% of solar power into free energy in enough sunlight, which is the most durable panels at present, standing up to elements and wear and tear better than conventional panels.

PACKAGE & SUPPORT】You will get  2 Hooks and User Manual and friendly Customer Service. 

WIDE COMPATIBILITY】Attached a USB cable for almost all 5V Android devices and Apple devices. Our solar phone charger can't store the electricity, please unfold all solar panel in outdoor direct sunlight, then connect your device to USB output port.


Constructed using ultra-thin  solar cells, the solar panel is flexible enough to fit effortlessly in your bag while still offering enough durability to survive the rough and tumble of your next outdoor adventure.


1. Mini portable solar panel can't store electricity directly. You will need a power bank or other power source to store power, or you can connect Mini portable solar panel directly to your devices to charge.

2. Charging efficiency is subject to sunlight intensity.

3. Keep your phones and tablets away from direct sunlight as excessive heat may cause damage.

4. 24W refers to the power of the solar panel, which is not equal to the actual output power of the USB ports. There will be some power loss when solar energy is transferred into electrical energy, so the actual output power of the USB ports will be less than the power of the solar panel. 

5. Any clouds or coverings can affect the charging speed, although our solar chargers have an automatic restart feature, which we still recommend. If you encounter any problems, please feel free to contact us and we will reply within 24 hours.

6. Outlets and voltage differ internationally and this product may require an adapter or converter for use in your destination. Please check compatibility before purchasing.


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